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Finding great spots is always tricky, especially if you are in an unknown area. SpotsDB allows you to filter, find, create & share spots and helps you spend more time doing what you want where you want.

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Het kopje

Noordzee Route
2061 Bloemendaal, Netherlands


Longboard, Spot, Downhill, Outdoor, Free

Skatepark Leidschendam

Leidschendam, Netherlands


Skateboard, Spot, Park, Bowl, Quarter, Bank, Ledge/Rail, Gap, Miniramp, Outdoor, Free

Posbank Downhill

Rheden, Netherlands


Longboard, Spot, Route, Downhill, Outdoor, Free

“Skateboarding isnt only about what happens on the park, its also about discovering new places and meeting new people, this is where SpotsDB helps.”

Tim (ZDA) Post Skateboarder & Local Legend

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