Sharing is Caring

A simple spot database for extreme sports

Where most spot databases are closed and only viewable by a certain app, we want to offer our database to you. We believe that this is the only way to create a database that is worth sharing.

Only the Essence

Because our database will only support the basic features that a spot needs (GPS location, name, photo, small discription and other meta data) this will leave room for third parties to create rich niche applications.
More collaberators means more spots for you.

We want change, not money

We are working for free and plan to keep it that way

The whole point of our database is to create something that belongs to you and that you can build on.


We are working for free and plan to keep it that way

We understand the power of networking, and have made it a key feature in our database. Want to use our database to make an app? We will supply links to your applications. Found a spot in a movie? link it. Someone asking for a certain spot? share the link.
Check our api.


Adapting and growing

With users creating and editing content the database just keeps growing. Every new application that uses the database adds to the database making it better for you. An open database driven by its users, collaborators, and professionals.

Proof of concept

If you're wondering how well it's working, take a look at the spot map. Currently we have over 1,000 longboard spots world wide, and this number is growing everyday.

Our Heroes

To ensure that all co-operating parties are pleased, we have started working with “Heroes”. Heroes are people in the industry that we look up to and who’s opinions we take very seriously. We are currently working with other skateboard startups and local professional athletes. Names will follow once confirmed.