We are really glad you are interested in using the database, we are currently figuring out what the requirements so that we know what to offer and expect. some of the current issues can be seen below:

  • a way for thirdparties to read the spots
  • a way for thirdparties to create spots
  • will thirdparties be a seen as a single user or will thirdparties users be individual users?
  • how will spots created by thirdparties be seen by the database?
  • should we be able to read meta data from thirdparties?
  • what happens when a spot does not exist anymore?
  • can anyone create a spot?
  • can creating spots be abused somehow?
  • spotmap new feed when new spots or photos are added
  • a list of all sports and all tags
  • the alpha checklist

If you have any ideas on how to improve the api send an email to wouter@spotsdb.com